About Mike Kimble, Sr.

A Two Tour Disabled Vietnam Veteran

Followed By Nearly 50 Years As A Licensed Agent

Mike started his insurance career with the Prudential Insurance Company in October 1972.  Awarded Prudential Rookie Of The Year and Prudential Insurance Company Conference Qualifier in 1973 and 1974.  Mike left the Prudential in 1975, believing that he could best serve his clients as an Independent Agent. 

After a distinguished career of face to face Life Insurance, Health Insurance and Disability Insurance Planning that included multiple awards with multiple Insurance Companies, Mike realized the future of the Insurance Business would become increasingly dependent on Internet savvy consumers. 

In 2011 Mike Semi-Retired, choosing to devote full time to his online Internet Insurance presence. 

Today, nearly all of his insurance appointments are booked by consumers online. Schedule an online Insurance Appointment.  No Agent will visit your home or office.